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Amul Expands Globally: To Offer Fresh Milk in the US Market for the First Time

<p>The well-known dairy company Amul, which goes by the slogan “Taste of India,” has made a big move by launching its fresh milk products internationally for the first time. This action represents a significant turning point for Amul as it enters the US market. This occurs one month after PM Modi urged Amul to overtake all other dairy companies globally.</p>
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<p>Amul made a calculated decision to enter the US market by introducing their new product line in order to reach consumers who are heavily influenced by the Indian and Asian diaspora. It also demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing customers with genuine Indian dairy products while also satisfying the wide range of tastes found in the international market.</p>
<p>“I’m happy to announce that Amul will be introducing its fresh milk products to the American market. We are happy to announce that we have partnered with the Michigan Milk Producers Association, a 108-year-old dairy cooperative in the US. This announcement was made at the organisation’s annual meeting on March 20 in Detroit, according to ANI, quoting Jayen Mehta, Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the company that runs Amul.</p>
<p>A report from TOI claims that Amul has launched its line of fresh milk in the US, selling half-gallon and gallon packets under well-known domestic brand names. Amul Shakti (4.5% milk fat), Amul Gold (6% milk fat), Amul Taaza (3% milk fat), and Amul Slim n Trim (2% milk fat) are among the variations. These goods will satisfy the tastes of the Indian diaspora by being easily accessible at reputable Indian grocery shops located across the US East Coast and Midwest.</p>
<p>To address the growing demand in the US market, Amul plans to provide additional dairy staples, including paneer, curd, and buttermilk, in addition to milk.</p>
<p>The parent business of Amul, GCMMF, will launch public relations initiatives to aid in this development. One such campaign will be the US screening of their well-known TV ad, “Doodh Doodh Piyo Glass Full Doodh.” This calculated action not only offers Americans a taste of India, but it also enhances Amul’s international profile and appeals to the desire for home among the diaspora.</p>
<p>In order to offer “fresh milk” in the US East Coast and Midwest markets, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the umbrella organisation for milk cooperatives in Gujarat that promotes and sells milk under the Amul brand, has partnered with the Michigan Milk Producers Association.</p>
<p>Products from Amul are exported to over 50 nations worldwide. It processes about 3.5 crore litres of milk a day via 18,000 milk cooperative committees and a network of 36,000 farmers.</p>

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