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Hylox Security Enhances Blockchain Safety with Comprehensive Audit Services


Hylox Security, a leading blockchain security firm, proudly announces its extensive suite of services aimed at ensuring the safety and reliability of blockchain projects. Owned by Ecrox Chain Blockchain and Ecrox Technologies Company, Hylox Security specializes in a broad spectrum of security solutions including Solidity Audit, SAFU, DApps, KYC, Token Scanner, Solana Audit, Pinksale Audit Partnership, Multi Network Solidity Smart Contract Audits, Bounty Scammer detection, bug bounty KYC badge issuance, and comprehensive blockchain audits.


Diverse Service Offerings


Hylox Security is dedicated to providing top tier security services tailored to meet the needs of blockchain developers and investors. Our core offerings include:


Solidity Audit: Rigorous examination of Solidity smart contracts to identify and rectify vulnerabilities, ensuring robust and secure code.


SAFU: Secure Asset Fund for Users, a strategic measure to safeguard user assets from unexpected vulnerabilities or attacks.


DApps: Development and auditing of decentralized applications to enhance security and functionality.


 KYC: Know Your Customer services to ensure compliance and security for blockchain projects.


 Token Scanner: Comprehensive analysis of tokens to detect and mitigate potential risks.

 Solana Audit: Specialized audits for projects built on the Solana blockchain, ensuring their security and efficiency.


 Pinksale Audit Partner: Official auditing partner of Pinksale, providing trusted and verified audits for projects launching on the platform.


 Multi Network Solidity Smart Contract Audit: Cross network auditing services ensuring smart contract integrity across various blockchain networks.


 Bounty Scammer Detection: Identifying and mitigating scammer activities in bounty programs.


 Bug Bounty KYC Badge: Issuance of KYC badges for bug bounty hunters, enhancing trust and accountability in bounty programs.


 Blockchain Audit: Comprehensive security audits covering all aspects of blockchain technology.


Commitment to Blockchain Security


“Our mission at Hylox Security is to fortify the blockchain ecosystem by providing unparalleled security services,” said Karan Pandey, CEO of Hylox Security. “As a subsidiary of Ecrox Chain Blockchain and Ecrox Technologies, we leverage extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology to protect our clients’ assets and ensure the integrity of their projects.”


Industry Recognition and Partnerships


Hylox Security’s partnership with Pinksale underscores our commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in the blockchain community. By offering verified and transparent audit services, we help projects gain credibility and attract investor confidence.


Client Testimonials


Our clients have consistently praised Hylox Security for our thorough and reliable services. “Hylox Security’s audits provided us with the confidence to launch our project securely, their detailed reports and expert recommendations were invaluable.”


Future Initiatives


Hylox Security is continuously innovating to stay ahead of emerging threats. We are excited to announce upcoming enhancements to our service offerings, including AI driven security analysis and advanced threat detection algorithms. These initiatives will further solidify our position as a leader in blockchain security.



About Ecrox Chain Blockchain and Ecrox Technologies Company


Ecrox Chain Blockchain and Ecrox Technologies Company are industry leaders in blockchain technology and innovation. They provide a wide range of services including blockchain development, consulting, and security solutions, driving the adoption and integration of blockchain technology across various sectors.


Contact Information


For more information about Hylox Security and our services, please visit our website at hyloxsecurity.com or contact our media relations team at audit@hyloxsecurity.com.

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Hylox Security – Your Trusted Partner in Blockchain Security

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