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Ravichandran Ashwin on the BCCI’s Decision Regarding Domestic Cricket Duties: “It is the Cricketer’s Choice”

<p>Should I play domestic cricket or not? This is the query that has lately generated intense discussions throughout the country.</p>
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<p>Players are often more motivated to devote their skills to the shorter cricket forms due to their increasing popularity, such as the lucrative T20s. The lengthier format, or Test cricket, will eventually collapse as a result of continuing in the same direction.</p>
<p>There has been discussion regarding the second, sometimes-forgotten domestic cricket format in this country, Ranji, as sportsmen and commentators alike have been vocal about the need to protect and treasure the long format and the necessity to bring back Test cricket.</p>
<p>The BCCI decided that it is required for players under central contract to participate actively in the domestic circuit when they are not on international duty, given that wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan appears to have chosen to forego both domestic cricket and long format international duty in order to concentrate on his preparation for the Indian Premier League.</p>
<p>Amidst the discourse around the preservation and upkeep of the game, an inevitable question arises: What about the players? Ravichandran Ashwin, however, had some thoughts on the matter.</p>
<p>Ashwin discussed his opinions on the BCCI’s decision and what he felt it would mean for the players and the game as a whole in an interview with the Indian Express.</p>
<p>When an organization takes a position, it may not always be in everyone’s best interests and may even hurt a small number of individuals. The organizational body is saying, “We are prioritising Test cricket; the IPL is not everything as far as we are concerned,” which is something we must comprehend, added Ashwin.</p>
<p>They claim that Test cricket is very important, that it will be promoted, and that they anticipate players who are qualified to participate in this format. They are, in my opinion, making all the appropriate sounds.</p>
<p>When discussing the ruling’s execution and, more crucially, how it would affect the players, the seasoned spinner adopted a more nuanced approach, saying that no player should be forced to comply with every demand made by the BCCI.</p>
<p>In addition, Ashwin said that it is up to the cricket player to decide whether they like to play Test cricket or only the first two months of the year, or if they would prefer to be relevant in One-Day and T20 competitions but not the whole 12 months.</p>

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