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A major rule change is expected from the ICC before the T20 World Cup

<p>The permanent application of the stop-clock regulation is part of the ICC’s plan to guarantee the prompt conclusion of white-ball matches. Although it is still undergoing testing, it will be included in the rules for the 2024 T20 World Cup, which will be held in the USA and the West Indies in June. The regulation was first implemented by the international cricketing organisation as an experiment in December 2023, but it will now also include playing conditions for spectators.<br />
But in order for the fielding team to move, the regulation requires that the electronic clock be shown in between overs.</p>
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<p>What is the precise regulation?</p>
<p>The fielding side must begin the next over within sixty seconds after the conclusion of the preceding over, per the regulation. When the over is over, the third umpire will turn on the timer. The umpires will issue two warnings to the fielding team for any violations before fining them five runs or for each further infraction after that.</p>
<p>In the interim, the umpires will have the power to determine whether the delays are the result of DRS calls, batter errors, or other factors. Cricbuzz claims that during the ICC conference in Dubai, it was decided to permanently implement the stop-clock regulation.</p>
<p>It is also anticipated that a debate on the Champions Trophy will take place, with the primary focus being India’s reluctance to visit Pakistan, the tournament’s official hosts. The Asia Cup was supposed to be held in Pakistan last year as well, but a hybrid format was ultimately used. Only a couple of the matches were held in Pakistan; the others were played in Sri Lanka. Returning to the stop-time regulation, it will be crucial in tight games since a five-run penalty may change the outcome of a match.</p>

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