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“We Just Want To Win Everything For Him”: Conor Bradley’s Sincere Prayer for Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool

<p>There is only one way to bid Jurgen Klopp farewell, and that is to raise him to the pinnacle of the football world and allow him to go out there. According to teenage defender Conor Bradley, Liverpool and their players want to achieve just that.</p>
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<p>When Jurgen Klopp announced he would be leaving his position as manager of Liverpool at the conclusion of the current campaign, he broke the hearts of football enthusiasts as well as Liverpool supporters.</p>
<p>In a tearful club interview in January, Klopp revealed the information.</p>
<p>“At the end of the season, I will be leaving the club.” When you hear that for the first time, I can see that’s shocking for a lot of people right now, but I can definitely explain it, or at least attempt to,” Klopp said.</p>
<p>The celebrated German is the driving force behind the Reds’ recent comeback. During his eight and a half-year tenure, he has guided the team to numerous trophies, but most notably, he has secured the Champions League twice and the Premier League trophy for the first time in the team’s history.</p>
<p>Champions of the League Cup Liverpool defeated the Czech team 11-1 on aggregate to advance to the Europa League quarterfinals. They have advanced to the FA Cup quarterfinals and are equal on points with Premier League leaders Arsenal.</p>
<p>Bradley, 20, told TNT Sports, “He’s been the only manager I’ve known at this club, so for him to be leaving is sad.”</p>
<p>“All we want to do is win every trophy for him and make sure he has the greatest possible farewell.”</p>
<p>Liverpool, eager to go one up on their bitter rivals, will not play Manchester United in the FA Cup quarterfinals on Sunday. This decision was made in light of their rather poor performance against the Red Devils in the last meeting, when they were held to a draw.</p>

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