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Details Inside. Bajaj Auto Trademarks Four New Names For Future Two-Wheelers

<p>For its next vehicles, Indian carmaker Bajaj Auto has just filed four name trademarks.</p>
<p>This suggests that a number of new motorbike models and iterations are in the works for the Indian two-wheeler manufacturer. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the new names may be applied to the next CNG motorbike that the industry leader in two-wheelers is developing.</p>
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<p>Trademarks like Glider, Marathon, Trekker, and Freedom are registered by Bajaj Auto. The OEM registered for these trademarks between January 29 and February 9 of this year, according to the Hindustan Times. However, because the trademark applications were completed soon after the automaker’s intention for the CNG bike was made public, the potential name for Bajaj’s next CNG motorbike is still a mystery.</p>
<p>It’s possible that Bajaj plans to use the Trekker moniker for an adventure motorbike. With its current 250-cc engine, Bajaj may be able to take on models like the Suzuki V-Strom SX. On the other hand, a three-wheeled commercial vehicle may utilize the Marathon. It has been rumored that the names Bajaj Glider and Freedom may be utilized for other goods, such as the next-generation CNG motorbike. The Indian two-wheeler giant is anticipated to provide additional information in the next few months, however.</p>
<p>Significantly, with about 40% of all two-wheeler sales worldwide, India leads the world’s two-wheeler market. One of the major companies in the nation, Bajaj Auto, has announced that it will be breaking into a new market by launching the first CNG motorbike in history. This year, according to Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj of the firm, the bike will be introduced.</p>
<p>Customers would benefit from a 55–65% reduction in operating and fuel expenses with the introduction of the Bajaj CNG motorbike. Because it releases 75% less carbon monoxide and almost 50% less carbon dioxide than gasoline, compressed natural gas (CNG) is thought to be a cleaner fuel. In addition, compared to gasoline, CNG generates 90% less non-methane hydrocarbons. In addition to being less harmful to the environment, CNG is well known for being more affordable than gasoline and offering noticeably higher mileage than fossil fuels.</p>
<p>Bajaj Auto is still having a big influence on how two-wheeler technology is developing. Nevertheless, the excitement around Bajaj’s inventive endeavors and the possible launch of items in the vibrant Indian two-wheeler industry is increased by these recently registered trademarks.</p>

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