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Developers may now sell their apps directly from Apple’s websites, however not everyone can: Every Detail

<p>As a result of new EU regulations compelling Apple to open up its closed ecosystem, software developers using Apple’s App Store will be allowed to distribute programs to EU customers directly from their websites this spring, the firm said on Tuesday.</p>
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<p>Last week saw the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) by the European Union, which mandates that Apple provide other app stores for iPhones and give developers the option to refuse the company’s up to 30% in-app payment mechanism.</p>
<p>“We’re providing more flexibility for developers who distribute apps in the European Union, including introducing a new way to distribute apps directly from a developer’s website,” Apple said in a blog post.</p>
<p>“Apple will provide authorised developers access to APIs (application programming interfaces) that facilitate the distribution of their apps from the web, integrate with system functionality, back up and restore users’ apps, and more,” the business said.</p>
<p>Other modifications include the ability to provide a catalogue consisting just of the marketplace developer’s own applications going forward for developers who create alternative app marketplaces.</p>
<p>Rather than adopting Apple’s framework, developers may decide how to create in-app promotions, discounts, and other incentives that drive consumers to finish a purchase on their website.</p>
<p>Apple made these adjustments in response to competitors’ persistent criticism of the company’s lackluster compliance efforts. Companies that violate DMAs may be fined up to 10% of their worldwide sales.</p>

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