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After the WFI ban, Sakshi Malik made a significant hint: “Announced retirement, but…”

<p>The former wrestler said that their battle is with the former WFI boss, who is accused of sexual harassment, rather than the government.</p>
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<p>After the newly elected executive committee (EC) of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) was dissolved on Sunday, former ace wrestler Sakshi Malik hinted that she would reconsider her decision to retire. Malik said that she would make a choice when the new governing body is constituted.</p>
<p>The gold medallist from the Olympics remarked, “I will tell you about the decision according to the federation that would be formed.”</p>
<p>Malik said that the wrestlers’ battle is not with the government but rather with one individual, the recently removed WFI chairman Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, who is being prosecuted for alleged sexual harassment.</p>
<p>The Union Sports Ministry has taken a significant step by suspending the nation’s top sports governing organization and all of its office holders. The government referred to the decision as “hurried” after newly elected WFI chairman Sanjay Singh declared that U-15 and U-20 nationalities will be hosted at the end of the year. The announcement itself violated the WFI’s constitution, the ministry said, and the potential participants of the nations were not informed.</p>
<p>Malik applauded the decision but asked for further information on the government’s reasoning. “I haven’t yet seen anything written down. I’m not sure whether Sanjay Singh is the only one suspended or if everyone has been suspended. It wasn’t the government we were fighting. We are fighting for female wrestlers; while I have declared my retirement, I believe that the next generation of wrestlers deserves justice.”</p>
<p>Following many months of being governed by an ad hoc committee, the WFI held the much-anticipated elections on December 21st, during which Sharan Singh’s close friend Sanjay Singh was appointed as the organization’s leader.</p>
<p>Sakshi Malik was forced to declare her retirement since the protesting wrestlers didn’t like the election results. Bajrang Punia, a well-known wrestler, made the decision to return his Padma Shri in protest.</p>
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