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“Sanjay Manjrekar: Rohit Sharma’s Deficiency Against Left-Handers Is a Thing of the Past”

<p>According to former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar, Rohit Sharma has moved beyond his vulnerability to left-arm pacers and has conquered it altogether. The Indian team’s next appearance as captain will be in the two-match Test series against South Africa. On Proteas land, the Men in Blue will be trying to win a Test series for the first time ever.</p>
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<p>Rohit will have significant difficulties since South Africa’s cricketing conditions have historically been harsh for hitters and because the home team has a few excellent left-arm pacers.</p>
<p>Manjrekar did, however, remark that Rohit’s issue with left-arm pacers had long since disappeared.</p>
<p>Manjrekar said on Star Sports, “The weakness you are talking about, the weakness against left-handers, is a thing of the past.”</p>
<p>The former cricket player for India brought up Rohit’s recent batting prowess against players like Shaheen Shah Afridi and Mitchell Starc.</p>
<p>“Not at this time. He hasn’t had any issues in the last two or three years. The home series’ Mitchell Starc. With the new ball against Australia, he felt at ease.</p>
<p>“Shaheen Afridi was meant to be Rohit Sharma’s main adversary. The Rohit used to step forward and cross the line with his front foot. Not any longer. He’s improved as a Test player, in my opinion,” he said.</p>
<p>Manjrekar said that Rohit’s Test career changed during the 2021–22 series against England when he emerged as the team’s top run scorer and assumed personal responsibility for guiding the team to victory.</p>
<p>He does the complete opposite. These days, all he does to score runs at the Test level is occupy the crease, which is an amazing recollection I have of him from England. He was the leading run scorer in the series after making his debut as a Test opener when he scored a hundred. How many hours do he put in throughout the series? He is currently scoring well in tests because of his possession of the crease. Manjrekar said, “It’s exactly the opposite role he played in the World Cup.”</p>

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