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Online sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 stopped in the US before the ban; older models cannot be fixed

<p>Additionally, the business will no longer be able to service watch models that have expired their warranty, which might cause customers some inconvenience.</p>
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<p>As of around 3 p.m. on Thursday in New York, the most recent versions of the Apple Watch were no longer available for purchase on the company’s website. The business had already announced that on December 24, sales at its roughly 270 physical retail locations in the US would cease. In order to ship timepieces to customers before a prohibition that is set to take effect on December 25th, online sales in the US were suspended before in-store sales. Apple’s online and physical shops worldwide will remain open for business.</p>
<p>The lawsuit involving Apple and Masimo smartwatch trade secrets ends in a mistrial.<br />
Apple “no longer sells Apple Watch units in the United States with the ability to measure blood oxygen,” according to a statement the company released on its website. The non-featuring Apple Watch SE devices are still available for purchase.</p>
<p>The US International Trade Commission banned Apple from selling its products after finding that the Irvine, California-based Masimo company’s two blood oxygen sensor patents were infringed upon by Apple.</p>
<p>In a separate message, Apple told its customer support staff that it would no longer be replacing out-of-warranty Apple Watch Series 6 products. This implies that a client will not be able to get Apple to rectify a problem like a damaged screen. The business will continue to provide software-based support, such as operating system reinstallations.</p>
<p>A ban on imports for certain Apple Watch models may be imposed due to patent violations.<br />
It was instructed for company representatives to inform impacted clients that they would get notification when hardware replacements become permissible once again. Prior to the restriction, Apple often had to replace the smartwatches because it was unable to resolve the majority of their hardware problems.</p>
<p>The majority of new Apple Watches sold since 2020—including the current 9 and Ultra 2 as well as the Series 6, 7, 8, and Ultra—are impacted by the decision to discontinue watch replacements. The blood oxygen feature that the commission determined was covered by the patents is included in all of those devices.</p>
<p>The replacement restriction does not apply to customers who buy watches before December 25, which is the day the ban takes effect in the US, or to models that are still covered by warranty. The standard warranty that comes with the gadget is one year, but customers may purchase AppleCare to extend it.</p>
<p>Additionally, Apple will not be able to replace a watch bought prior to the restriction for a new color or size after December 25 within the standard return window. Retail employees were informed that although product exchanges are not permitted, Apple would replace bands and other accessories. Watch returns are still accepted for credit.</p>
<p>Employees at Apple were informed earlier this week that because of a court order, they are not permitted to tell consumers that the Apple Watch is still available for purchase at third-party shops like Best Buy and Target. Those retail locations will probably keep carrying the watch until the stock in the US runs out. Apple is unable to import more watches that are manufactured in other countries until the commission’s order is revoked.</p>
<p>Until Apple and Masimo come to a license arrangement, get a government reprieve, or resolve the issue, the watches are prohibited. Apple is developing a software upgrade that it hopes will address the problem.</p>

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