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Mathaji Sri Ramyananda Bharati Swamini: Women Empowerment through Dharma & Devotion.

Sri Mathaji Ramyananda Bharathi Swamini, a force to be reckoned with in the spiritual world and far beyond the typical image of a spiritual leader. As the Peetadheeswari of Sri Sakthi Peetam in Tirupati, her mission isn’t just about spirituality; it’s a powerful movement for women’s empowerment. Her approach is fresh and dynamic, making her a standout figure among spiritual leaders.

Sri Mathaji’s story isn’t your everyday tale. Born on January 6, 1987, she began her career in medicine, but her life took a dramatic turn. Imagine a medical doctor feeling a strong, irresistible call from a divine source – that’s what happened to Sri Mathaji. Lord Kaala Bhairava called her to a life of deep spiritual practice. She left her medical career and embarked on a journey through India’s most sacred places, embracing intense meditation and fasting. It wasn’t just a change of job; it was a leap into the unknown. Her experiences with divine figures like Lalitha Devi and Krishna are not just mystical but incredibly inspiring. It’s a story of courage, transformation, and breaking the status quo.

Her spiritual journey was enriched by her guru, Parama Poojya Sri Swamiji, the Pontiff of Courtalla Maha Peetam, popularly called Nadiche Daivam (Walking God). Since her early years, Mathaji’s devotion to the Divine Mother is unparalleled. At the tender age of 16, she was initiated into the Kaali mantra by Sri Swamiji. With intense Kaali Mantra sadhana Mathaji was bestowed with the Moola mantra, Yogic powers and Kaali mantra siddhi by Kaali Devi. Siddhasrama yogis guided her to trace her past lives, enriching her spiritual journey with yoga siddhi.

Sri Mathaji attained cosmic vision and profound knowledge in the sciences of Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra. Her proficiency in Mantras conferred upon her unique spiritual powers and elevated her to new spiritual heights. Her authority in Mantra Shastra earned her the title ‘Mantra Maheshwari,’ distinguishing her among Sri Swamiji’s disciples. Her devotion to her guru and her ascetic embodiment serves as an inspiration to many.

Sri Mathaji’s divine power revolves around helping people, alleviating their sufferings, and fulfilling their wishes. She promotes a dharmic way of life and guides individuals on their spiritual journey through ‘Mantra Margam’ and ‘Sakthi Dhyana’. ‘Sakthi Dhyana’ a divine self-healing meditation gifted to her by Siddhashrama gurus. Sri Mathaji’s blessings know no boundaries; she remains accessible to disciples irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, gender, or nationality. Her divine love, affection and compassion for all beings lead many to believe that she is an incarnation of the Divine Mother.

Sri Swamiji founded Sri Sakthi Peetam with the mission ‘Naree Eva Narayanee’ – meaning ‘woman herself is the goddess.’ This Peetam is a divine abode of Sakthi in the forms of Sri Marakatha Sakthi Kali Devi, Patala Svetha Varahi Devi, Patala Atharvana Pratyangira Devi etc (first of their kind in entire India). He entrusted Sri Mathaji with the position of Peetadheeswari of Sri Sakthi Peetam, and she carried forward this mission with unwavering determination. Her efforts are dedicated to women’s empowerment in all dimensions of life – physical, psychological, emotional, social, Dharmic and spiritual.

Sri Mathaji established ‘Sri Sakthi Sena,’ an exclusive women’s wing to further the cause of women’s empowerment. Training for women in rural and tribal villages is a focal point of her initiatives. Sri Mathaji has also authored many books on various deities, Guru Kripa. Her writings extend to articles about goddesses, especially the goddess Kaali, published in various newspapers. Her speeches touch a wide range of spiritual topics, from the nature of Sri Sakthi to the science of mantra, the glory of Sri Devi, Lalitha sahasranamam, and more. Her teachings are a testament to her commitment to sharing spiritual wisdom, particularly related to women, from the ancient Vedic age to modern times.

With the vision of promoting spirituality among Hindu women, Sri Mathaji conceived and conducted the ‘Sahasra Suvasini Puja.’ This remarkable ritual holds roots in the ancient Vedic saying, ‘Yatra naryasthu poojyanthe ramanthe tatra devathaah’ – where women are worshipped, there exist gods and goddesses. Sri Mathaji’s efforts led to an astonishing world record. On March 8th, 2019, 8500 women participated in the Suvasini Pooja on a single platform in Vijayawada, at the sacred shrine of Goddess Kanaka Durga. The positive vibrations and power of this ritual inspired many across the globe to conduct similar Poojas, spreading its influence far and wide.

Sri Sakthi Peetam stands as a magnificent shrine, upholding the mission ‘Naree Eva Naarayanee.’ Sri Mathaji, with her dedicated tutelage, ensures the empowerment of women and their importance in Hindu culture and that society is not just a mission but a living reality.

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