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“ Creative approach is never useless or unnecessary in business.” – Mr. Manish Sharma (founder & Director of VLive India)

In the present scenario, almost all the big ventures are trying to involve as much creativity as they can, whether in marketing strategy or day to day implementation. Creativity is one of the biggest assets that can take a venture to the top or flop it big time. Mr. Manish Sharma, the founder of Vlive India Private Limited is sharing his experience about the creative approach in his ventures and giving some precious tips to the new entrepreneurs on how they can choose the right creative tactics in order to grow their businesses in no time.

According to Mr. Manish Sharma “to develop the right business SOP and strategy and to reach your goals in a short time, you need to have the right creative approach with a creative vision. You can do it by yourself or you can have someone who is an expert in this to create the brand more visible for your end clients. I was fortunate enough to have Miss Yamini Sharma as my creative head who is recently handling the entire creative team of all my ventures.”

Currently we are seeing tons of foreign companies that are investing a big chunk of their investment or profit/capital on creative/trendy marketing of their product or service and they are even succeeding in it very easily. These creative marketing stuff not only make a place in a customer’s mind for a long time but also test him to get the product or service.

Often people think that a creative team is a useless part of any organization but according to Mr. Sharma, it’s one of the most important and useful tools for any venture that is willing to grow quickly. It is not only an artistic way to connect the customer to the brand but also it can start an innovation that can take your brand to the top and make it popular amongst all so quickly.

As per Mr. Sharma, the world is changing continuously  and the definition of creative approach is business is also changing with the time and getting more complex and complicated day by day but the one who understands the needs and demands of the organization can tackle all the hurdles and use the correct tools in order to achieve the future vision he has in his mind about the venture and its achievements.

There are two major mistakes that an entrepreneur can make in case of creativity needs in his business. A) he can refuse to accept that he is not the right person in terms of creativity and take the burden of creative approach on his weak shoulders. In this case, the entrepreneur realizes that he was wrong after a few failures and accepts that he might be a good entrepreneur but might not be a good creative person.

  1. B) the second mistake is more psychological and tough to understand but once it gets in your mind, you can change the game. This mistake is to hire a creative head but not to give him/her the importance, respect or the remuneration that he/she deserves. In this case the creative head or person can get demotivated and can take the creative approach and implementation of his task lightly that can cause a major drawback and even financial losses in your business. We often see those who are not returning the favor to those who are working for them properly. These kinds of people might earn profit but 1) that won’t last long, 2) they can never earn respect.

So these were the major mistakes an entrepreneur can make in his business career and fall down slowly or quickly. In order to refrain from this, always respect and welcome creativity and innovation in. Your venture. And more importantly a person that is bringing creativity into your business should be welcomed and honored by all.

Mr. Sharma says that a big part of the business and operational excellence actually depends on how creative you can make things in your organization from the planning to execution and from the execution to getting the end results. So it’s quite mandatory to choose the correct creative person and the correct creative tools in your business in order to make the growth of your business.

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